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Devlog #21: UI infrastructure, object placement implementation

Hey, guys! This week, we give updates on Pumpkin's game! We have been hard at work on the UI system and the object placement system. We want the player to have the smoothest experience possible and are putting a lot of effort into infrastructure to make sure we can iterate on the design faster.


Pumpkin makes an art wall all in-game!


New UI system

We've been working on restructuring the UI code so that we can reuse as many components as possible as we go forward with our UI design! It's been a lot of coding, but the fruits of our labor will definitely be worth it!

To give a preview of our current UI implementation, we have an inventory system up and running. The player can swap items and drag items to their hotbar at will!


New Building Infrastructure

We've been hard at work implementing the object placement and building infrastructure! This will let the player place items, place surfaces like tables to hold items, and build structures like walls and doors! We have it configured so that certain surfaces can have objects placed on it by the player. The surfaces are configurable by us to only allow certain types and quantities, and also configurable to enforce how the object is positioned. Below are some examples!

Pumpkin placing and using a table! Objects can be placed at will on the table, and picked back up.

Pumpkin building walls and a door! The door even opens :-D

Pumpkin is placing a new object on the walls: A light bulb holder! The light bulb holder can only have light bulbs placed in it.


And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming games!

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