Hi, all! The last few months have been focused on our two hypercasual games. Today, we're giving y'all an update on them before officially beginning Stage 2 development of Pumpkin's game.

Bouncy RocketZ

Bouncy RocketZ is officially out on Android! Check out Bouncy RocketZ on the following links: iOS and Android.

Mr. Chubbs is in a dilemma. He has landed on a foreign planet, and his trusty vehicle - RocketZ - can no longer fly, only bounce various distances. Help Mr. Chubbs by controlling his rocket's bounce strength to navigate this unknown land. Beware will be a difficult journey with no end in sight... Now bounce away! Boing! Boing! Boing!

Hypercasual Game #2

This game is almost ready for release! The only thing left is composing music for it - our first game for which we're doing that! Stay tuned! (Get it? Stay...tuned? XD ...nvm)

Ba dum! Ba dum! Ba dum-dum-dum!

Pumpkin's Game - Stage 2

We're excited to begin Stage 2 of Pumpkin's game! We've put together a list of features we want to include in this stage over the weekend, and we're pumped to start development. Stay tuned!

And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming games!

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Hi, all! This week, we have updates on our two hypercasuals as well as lots of pictures to show y'all how much fun IWoCon is!

Bouncy RocketZ

Our main focus for the last week was to add OS-dependent features to the Android version such that it matches the iOS version - ads, in-app review request, and leaderboard. Ads? Check. In-app review request? Android is evil. Leaderboard? Ditto. Stay tuned for the result of our battle with the green robot.

Hypercasual #2

This game is still in its testing phase, and we're currently working out the bugs. Stay tuned to seeing this cute squarell hit iOS and Android!


Ok. IWOCon is like the best thing since 2019. We had lots of fun running around and looking at all the booths - by far the best convention we've ever attended. IWOCon is a digital convention for indie games created by Indie World Order.

So many booths! This is one island, and there were many islands!

There were some really clever and funny hats!

Congratulations to all the devs!

And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming games!

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Hi, guys! We're back with another devlog with updated statuses on our hypercasual games.

Bouncy RocketZ

We are currently working on the Android version of Bouncy RocketZ. It's in testing, and we're working out some bugs that showed up on the Android version.

We are also adding a leadership board so y'all can brag to your friends when you beat them.

Left: Android version in testing.

Right: Click on the far right icon to see the leadership board.

Hypercasual #2

We added a few more features to the game over the last week - check them out below! This game is in testing right now!

#1: We got our icons in and you can click on the third icon to view the leadership board.

#2: Our game over screen got updated. And the high scores are saved now.

#3: We added little tutorial hands at the beginning of the game.

#4: We added bonus magic acorns! You'll know what they're for if you play the game ;-)

And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming games!

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