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Devlog #20: Placement Preview, #FeedbackFriday

Hey, guys! This week, we give updates on Pumpkin's game! We talk about some new plants, some infrastructure improvements using the Unity GUI editor, and this week's #FeedbackFriday game Adventure Dungeons Crawler Prototype 1.0!



New plants

We hooked up some new plants in the game and let the player plant them. Got some cold plants and some hot plants, and they are all growing!

Pumpkin getting some warmth!

Pumpkin staring longingly, contemplating life on this wondrous planet!

Our red hot plants all growing up! The planting UI is also working as expected!

Some frosty plants all growing up!


New Infrastructure

We've been working on some infrastructure improvements. In particular, our item database. Adding a new item involves going to multiple data files, creating prefabs, etc. So we decided to utilize Unity's awesome editor scripting to create a convenient window that shows all the database elements and lets us modify everything in one place!

Here is a preview:

Our object database window!


#FeedbackFriday - Adventure Dungeons Prototype 1.0

For this #FeedbackFriday, we played a prototype game from @StudiosZoim. The game is an Android dungeon crawler. Each level you fight an enemy to progress to the next level.

The game feels like an early prototype to test out the concept, rather than a complete game. We are very happy that the game devs shared their creation with us - we believe that putting your work out there for feedback, no matter what stage of development your game is in, is one of the most important foundations for growing as a game dev. Looking forward to more from the developer!

Taking on a very scary monster! The creativity of the monster design is nice!

Follow the developer @StudiosZoim


And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming games!

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