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Devlog #12: Hypercasual Game #2

Hey, gang! AGG is back with another devlog! This will be another short post since we've been focused on hypercasuals the last week. In today's post, we'll be talking about the statuses of the two hypercasual games we've been focusing on.


Hypercasual #1 Status

Hypercasual #1 is officially in its testing phase! For now, we're limiting our testers to family and friends as we focus on fixing major bugs.

We're hoping to release this game later this week, so keep updated!


Hypercasual #2

While Hypercasual #1 is in testing, we've started development of Hypercasual #2:

This will be our last hypercasual game before we return to Pumpkin and her plants for Stage 2 development. We're hoping to get it to testing later this week. Stay tuned!


Feedback Friday - Vaults of Vvorr

We had the opportunity to play the wonderful Vaults of Vvorr . This game mixes elements of metroidvania, Celeste, Super Meat Boy, among some unique features like playing with gravity. It was extremely fun and the aesthetic brought me back to my 90's game console days. The controls were smooth and it "felt" good to play. It is an early game and is still in early testing, but we highly recommend giving it a try!

The game has native controller support, and we played with a controller. We highly recommend playing it this way as it seems that was how the developers intended it to be played.

Trying to get the big tendies!

Really fun and interesting training levels.

New abilities are obtained throughout the game that helps you get past certain obstacles.


And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming games!

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