Devlog #18: Phase 2 Planning, Camera for Building UI, Bouncy RocketZ Update, Hypercasual #2 Music

Hi, all! The following is the agenda for this week's devlog:

  1. Phase 2 Planning

  2. Camera for Building UI

  3. Bouncy RocketZ Update

  4. Hypercasual #2 Music


Phase 2 Planning

This week, we went into more detail on planning what we need to get done in Phase 2 for Pumpkin's game. With so much to get done and so little time (our aim is to get a ready-to-play demo in three months), it was crucial that we figure out how to organize and manage the project efficiently.

In Phase 1, we were focused on plant/player mechanics. In Phase 2, we'll be focusing on building mechanics, specifically non-plant objects.


Camera for Building UI

The building UI will require a separate camera, and transitions to it as appropriate. Since the camera needs to show the entire area, we realized we can't have the conservatory building scene (where the building interface is) be separate from the main scene (where the actual building takes place).

Left: Conservatory Building Scene, where the building interface is to be located.

Right: Main Scene, where the actual building takes place.

In order to transition from the former to the latter, they'll need to be in the same scene under Assets.

So we moved the two scenes into one, modifying the scripts as necessary to provide the correct transitions in the game:

Now we can see outside the building without having to load/reload a scene.


Bouncy RocketZ Update

We added a leaderboard to iOS Bouncy RocketZ! Check it out and compete against your friends! Link:

(Unfortunately, we had to call quits on implementing the leaderboard on Android. It just wasn't working out. You won this time, robot. Yeah, that's right - I went there. You're just a robot.)


Hypercasual #2 Music

We've been working on custom music for our second hypercasual game! It's the first time we are doing custom music for a game, so we are pretty excited! It also means that Billy had to dust off his old Ableton installation and relearn all the hotkeys :-)

Getting the theme music for the game drafted up!


And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming games!

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