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Devlog #8: Lots of things!

Hey, gang! Angry Goat Games is reporting to you with a very productive week! We're talking features! We're talking UI! And we're talking about how much our supporters mean to us! :-D Check it out:

  1. New soil types

  2. Plant animations

  3. Inventory UI - seed packets

  4. Area of effect UI

  5. Pumpkin's new machine

  6. Our followers


New soil types

In our game, you don't have plants growing in only "normal" soil. No, no, no! There is a variety of soil types they can thrive in. We added two last week - lava soil and water soil:

What could Pumpkin possibly be growing in lava and water?


Plant animations

Before, we didn't really have a plant growing animation - they just kinda pop into existence out of nowhere. This is a bit jarring, so we added a plant growing animation:

April showers bring May flowers ^_^


Inventory UI - seed packets

Last time we talked Inventory UI, we didn't have a way to generate the thumbnails for the plant seeds in our inventory. We could just take a picture of a seed prefab:

...but what in the world would this be a seed of??????

We needed a better solution, so we pulled a page from Stardew Valley's book - we used seed packets!

Now you can definitely tell how many and what kind of seeds you have in your inventory!

Best of all, this is all autogenerated, so we don't have to fiddle around with Photoshop to make our seed packet thumbnails.


Area of effect UI

Another problem we worked out last week was how to show an area of effect. For example, if something is shooting water out onto the plants around it, how do we show which plants are affected? We could put little symbols above the affected plants. But that would clutter up the UI. So we went with the classic approach - highlighting the affected plants:

UI clutter solved!


Pumpkin's new machine

Teaser! WIP, and our lips are sealed as to what this could be.


Our followers

The final item in this devlog is a dedication to our Twitter followers. They have been so good to us, and we want to make sure we're supporting them as much as we can. So we spent quite a few hours last week coding up tools using the Twitter API (thank you, Twitter!) to help us stay up-to-date on all of our followers! That way, we won't miss an important event like when someone releases a game, and we'll stay up-to-date on where people are in game development.


And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming game!

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