Devlog #9: New area, new plant, new tool...

Hey, gang! Angry Goat Games is back with another devlog! We have a lot of exciting things to talk about! We fleshed out a new area, introduced a new plant, and more! Our agenda for this devlog will be:

  1. New area - Pumpkin's house

  2. The seed printer

  3. New plant - the light plant

  4. First tool - the shovel

  5. Graphics tweaks (sun light, shadows, etc)


New Area -Pumpkin's House

A lot of last week was focused on a new area - the inside of Pumpkin's house. In case you guys are wondering what that giant brown blob with a leaf on top is, yeah, that's her house:

We got the idea from Neopets:

In any case, we've been working hard on the inside of her house:

We can also smoothly transition between the inside of her house and outside. Pumpkin can go in and out by way of that door you see in the first picture.

Now for the million dollar question - what is that machine doing there?


The Seed Printer

Alright, we've teased y'all enough. That, ladies and gentlemen, is no less than a state-of-the-art seed printer. How does it print seeds? That is a question for another time... Oh look at how cool it is!

It looks like a machine a mad scientist would use, but it's just Pumpkin :-)

And check out its (in-progress) interface!


New Plant - The Light Plant

The title pretty much says it all. Look at how pretty it is!

Yayayayay! We can see at night now!

Pumpkin can actually pick light bulbs from the light plant like she can apples from an apple tree. And she can place the bulbs down on the ground too to light the way.

We ran into an issue because we were using real-time point lights for the bulbs, and there are limitations on the number of those that can be onscreen. However, that was fixed by using deferred rendering, so now we can have lots of pretty lights onscreen at once!

Pumpkin lighting the way to the lava pits...

Stress testing the lights in deferred rendering!


First tool - the shovel

With the latest changes we had different soil types: dirt, water pits, and lava pits. We realized that "picking" these objects up didn't make much sense, and in some cases was a bit unintuitive - if a player is holding a seed and they click on the soil, do they want to pick the soil up or plant a seed? So we decided to implement a simple tool for this: a shovel. To pick up soil, you use the shovel. Maybe in the future we'll add different "types" of shovels, but this is sufficient for now :-)

Fancy! This is the shovel's inventory icon.


Graphics tweaks (sun light, shadows, etc)

We worked a bit on tweaking the light graphics for our game. Really this boiled down to tweaking Unity settings. We had a number of changes, such as ambient lighting, sun intensity during day, and tweaking color grading a bit.

Tweaking ambient light at nighttime. Left is less ambient light, right is more.

Tweaking shadow distance. Note that on the left, the shadows are not visible further out. On the right, the shadows are still visible in the distance.


And that's all, folks! Follow @AngryGoatGames on Twitter for more updates on our upcoming game!

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